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Customize, OEM and ODM Smart Watch

We provide a full range of OEM manufacturing services, this will help you build customer impressions if you are:

  • Brand owner or retailer
  • Employee or customer appreciation
  • Selling online
  • Membership gifts (club, gym, or chain store)
  • The organizer of an event, concert, sports game, or exhibition. 

Here are the OEM customized options we provide:

  • Personalized strap colors
  • LOGO on watch case or strap
  • Multi-language manual and package
  • Premium gift package
  • API/SDK, boot screen, watch face
  • and more please contact us

OEM Customize Options

watch bands straps

Colorful Watch Straps

All of our smart watches include multiple watch band choices. 

Changing watch band colors are a free service. Bands are also sold separately.

No MOQ required

The Buckle Logo

We can engrave your LOGO on the smart watch strap buckle. Users or customers will be able to see your logo every time they wear or take off the smart watch. 

Fees: There is no additional charge for the buckle LOGO engraving.

MoQ: 100 pcs. No extra charge.

Watch Case Logo

We can engrave your LOGO on the back of a smart watch. # Engraved LOGO on the watch casing is in black/white format. 

Fees: There is no additional charge for watch case LOGO engraving.

MoQ: 100 pcs. No extra charge.

Boot Screen Logo

The Starmax Dev team can customize the boot screen for you. We will display your brand or LOGO on the boot screen, this means every time your customer or user switches on the smart watch, they will see your LOGO. The duration of the boot screen LOGO can be customized, usually no longer than 5 seconds.

Fees: There is no additional charge for the boot screen Logo.

MoQ: 5000 pcs per model

starmax smart watch logo customize

Customized Box

Package customization includes a custom box, gift box, and user manual in your language. If you don’t have a professional design team, we can do that for you.

We also provide translation and multi-language packaging services.

Fees: There is a $0.2-0.4 extra charge for the box & manual. For details, please contact our sales.

MoQ: 1000 pcs per model.

Case Study: Smart Watch for Global Sports Event

Read this case study, and see how Starmax made a fully customized smart watch for tens of thousands of volunteers in Qatar’s 2022 world cup – the world’s top football event.

Inside the 2022 World Cup Stadium

Advanced Customize

Customized Watch Face

Customizing the display is an advanced service. If you are an experienced electronics seller or brand owner, our team is glad to help you with: (MoQ: 5000 pcs. For details, use the contact form below to consult our sales team)

  • Adding your logo on the start screen
  • User Interface Customize
  • Integrate with your existing App
  • API/SDK assistance

Develop iOS/Android App

Starmax offers customized App services. Our expert engineers will help. Contact our sales team for details.

Higher MoQ is required, and flat development fees apply.

Self-help Dev - Use our SDK

If you have your developing team, we can provide a free SDK guide, to help you integrate Starmax watch data into your own App.

Light Customize - App Design

Add your brand logo, company name, or organization name to the start screen.(MOQ contact our sales)

Deep Customize - App Dev.

Use your UI design or we help you to design the App. (MOQ contact our sales)

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