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S90 Kids Smart Watch

S90 is a smart watch for children, the cute shape is loved by children and parents, 4 child-friendly strap colors, environmentally friendly and harmless materials, lightweight shape, while monitoring the child’s heart rate and blood oxygen, with 16 sports modes of monitoring

S90 is a smart watch for children, the cute shape is loved by children and parents.

It's a Smartwatch for Kids

Starmax S90 kid’s smart fitness watch, support a variety of sports tracking (16 sports modes) and health tracking (heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.), turned to children designed for children’s fun strap, replaceable, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly, children’s favorite.

Guarding Their Health

Starmax S90 children’s bracelet 24 hours to monitor the child’s basic health indicators: heart rate, blood oxygen, and sports indicators: steps, distance, calories. Give your active child a peace of mind and always check these health information from the mobile app.

S90 Kids Smart Watch, with 16 sports modes of monitoring, the cute shape is loved by children .
S90 Kids Smart Watch, the Sleep Monitoring function can take care of your baby's sleep.

Sleep well? Let's find out

The Starmax S90 kid’s smart bracelet monitors your child’s sleep quality, including sleep and wake times, deep and light sleep duration, and the data is displayed in detail in the app, which can be viewed at any time to help your child go to school refreshed.

Wear in Rain, Shower & Exercise

Starmax S90 Children’s Bracelet, with daily waterproof level, effortlessly resists sweat, splash, shower, light rain, and even shallow pool activities. It’s safe for kids to wear while exercising or washing hands.

* Not intended for deep-water swimming, surfing, diving, prolonged water activities, or exposure to seawater.

S90 Smart Watch for Children, in line with IP68 waterproof standard, no fear of use in water.
S90 is a smart watch for children, with 4 child-friendly strap colors and the cute shape is loved by children and parents.

4 Lovely Strap Colors

Four strap colors: black, blue, purple, red to choose from, both boys and girls will like (additional straps can be purchased separately)

Suits for Global Selling

Support up to 8 languages, suit for selling in your domestic market and also global market. 

Capable of selling online, Amazon, Shopify, Rakuten, and more.

S90 Kids Smart Watch, Applicable to multiple countries
Key Features

Step and Activity

Heart Rate Monitor

Sleep Tracking

Phone Notification

Blood Oxygen Monitor

Blood Pressure

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