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Smart Watch Sourcing for Online Sellers

Sourcing Smart Watch for Amazon, Ebay, Shopify Store Seller

According to data predicted by Statista, a professional analyst firm, shipments of smart wearable devices (mainly smart watches and sports bracelets) will reach 250 million units by 2025; in 2020, the number will have exceeded 100 million units.

Starmax provides Amazon sellers and other e-commerce sellers with one-stop service, high-quality products, innovative styles with new shapes, moderate purchase prices, and efficient delivery.

In addition, smartwatches are also the selection candidates for AliExpress, Lazada, eBay, Shopify sellers, and Tiktok Live; smartwatches are extremely small, feature-rich, and in great demand.

e-Commerce Seller Sourcing Calculator

Selling Smart Watch on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online market in the globe. This calculator shows the profitability of selling on If you are located in Germany, UK, India or other Amazon sites. Referral fees and FBA may be even lower. On, the daily demand for smartwatch and fitness trackers is over 7,000 units. 

Retail Price


Referral Fees


FBA Fees


Reasonable Ads and Marketing


Product Cost (Estimate, shipping incl.)



$34.5 (43%)

Selling Your Brand on Shopify Store

Shopify (or other self-hosted online selling website like Wix, Woocommerce)  allow you sell your brand to the global market. Shopify charges much lower fees. Sell on Shopify suits for you if you run your own brand or business. This example shows the profitability for US, if you sell in other countries, the profit may be even higher.

Retail Price


Shopify Fees


Delivery to Customer (US)


Google Ads and other Marketing


Product Cost (Estimate)



$41.19 (51.4%)

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