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Event Smart Watch for Qatar World Cup

Millions of guests from all over the world gather in Doha to celebrate this quadrennial global football event. For the first time, we made smart watches for the event organizer. Read this case study, learn how a top football event use smart watch as appreciation gifts.

Inside the 2022 World Cup Stadium

About the Event

The World Cup draws millions of fans and volunteers who share a passion for football. The 2022 World Cup hosted by Qatar offered plenty of souvenirs to spectators and a rewards program for volunteers.

Volunteers were rewarded with a custom-designed smartwatch made by Starmax, expressing the event organizer’s gratitude for their passion and enthusiasm. This smartwatch provides value to volunteers and enhances their memorable and rewarding event experience, reflecting the importance of their contributions.

World Cup 2022 Opening Ceremony





3.4 million

fans from the world

Starmax's commitment to excellence and attention to detail align with the event organizer's objectives. Partnering with Starmax guarantees seamless logistics and timely delivery of high-quality volunteer gifts.

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About This Product

The commemorative smart watch is a special gift for volunteers and other participants of the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar. It is designed to create a personalized and memorable experience for the recipients, evoking passionate memories and the joy of watching football matches in Qatar.

Starmax GTS2 Smart Watch Side View

Heart rate Monitor

100 Sport Modes

Custom Watch Faces

Calories and Steps

Sleep Quality Tracking

Receive Notifications

About This OEM Project

This is a comprehensive OEM projects including: emblem engraving, boot screen firmware customzation, redesigned packaging. Specially designed for the event theme.

◀️ Product and Package 360° View

◀️ Smart Watch 360° View


Time-sensitivity is critical for the success of this project, as any delay in delivery can cause significant problems for stakeholders. Despite the challenges posed by a tight deadline, Starmax rose to the occasion and completed the project within a remarkably short time frame. The customization process took just a week, while production was completed within two weeks. Thanks to Starmax’s exceptional efficiency and dedication, we were able to ensure timely delivery and exceed the expectations of client.

Aug, 2022

Project received

This project was received from the event organizer in Sep, 2023.

Aug, 2022

Sep, 2022

LOGO, Straps, Firmware

In less than a week, Starmax built up a team and completed all customized tasks, and hand over the very first sample to client.

Sep, 2022

Oct, 2022

Production, Inspect

Product assembling and quality control completed in just 2weeks, this made a record for high volume production.

Oct, 2022

Nov 10, 2022

Arrived before Opening Ceremony

Dispatched from Shanghai Pudong Intl Airport, all of the event smart watches arrived at Doha before the world cup opens. And distributed to volunteers and officials in Novermber.

Nov 10, 2022

Why Starmax

  • With over 8 years of designing and producing innovative smartwatches, Starmax is a trusted partner of the event organizer.
  • Strong production capacity and staff, ensuring souvenir watches meet specific standards.
  • Efficient logistics and fast delivery, ensuring that the souvenir watches will be delivered in time before the opening ceremony.
  • Uphold the values and standards of the worldclass event, and contribute to the overall success of the event.
  • Provide high-quality volunteer gifts, creating a positive gifting experience and maintain the integrity and prestige of the event.

The Wins

✅ Blazing fast project work time

✅ Delivery catch-up with client’s schedule

✅ Full-process visible to client

✅ Passed 3rd party Audit & Inspection

✅ No complaint, no lag, no compromise on commitment

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Posts On Social Media

Event volunteers & Officials received their smart watch and shared their feelings on Social media. * Images are from Instagram and TikTok

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