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Best Smartwatch Manufacturers in India 2022

This article lists the TOP 8 prominent smart watch manufacturers and suppliers in India in 2022.

Overview of the Indian Smartwatch Market

Smart wearable devices are the most fashionable consumer electronics products today. The most common forms include wireless Bluetooth earbuds and smartwatches. With the expansion of technology and market, smart watches have also been added with different functional applications and introduced into systems such as navigation and healthcare.

A Group of Young People Doing Push-up Wearing Smart Watches
A Group of Young People Doing Push-up Wearing Smart Watches

Smartwatches are no longer modern gadgets for checking the time. Instead, they become essential for tracking fitness and monitoring health indicators. Smartwatches are growing in popularity because of their convenience, allowing users to stay on top of their daily activity data and keep in touch with others. With advanced features like activity trackers and heart rate monitors, these modern devices do easy work out of staying fit.

In India, smart watches have become the most popular smart wearable device after TWS earphones. It even helps India become the world’s largest smartwatch market by the third quarter of 2022.

Top 8 Smartwatch Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Smartwatches are blowing up the market in India, with manufacturers and suppliers making wave after wave of exciting advancements. So let’s take a closer look at some of India’s most impressive smartwatch makers (in no particular order)!


Fire-Boltt Brand Logo
Fire-Boltt Brand Logo

Fire-Boltt‘s (Boltt Games Pvt. Ltd.) major product lines include Bluetooth earphones, headphones, true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, smart wearables devices, lifestyle shoes, and software.

Fire-Boltt Ninja Pro Max Display
Fire-Boltt Ninja Pro Max

The famous “Ninja Series” smartwatches from Fire-Boltt are chic combinations of sharp looks and innovative technology. Its handy features include an HD display, Bluetooth calling, health & fitness mode, water resistance, and more.

Fire-Boltt is now India’s fastest-growing smartwatch brand, has received many prestigious awards, and is also the Winner of the Naya Bharat SME Award 2021. In addition, it showcased its products at significant tech events such as TechCrunch and CES and won many related awards. It has also been featured in top global media and news publications.

Fire-Boltt introduces an innovative multifunctional ecosystem, including gaming, entertainment, fitness, and rewards. This revolutionary APP named Boltt Play rewards its community with coins for playing games, watching videos, listening to music, and taking steps. Users can also connect Boltt Audio Devices with the APP to earn double rewards. Users can use all of these accumulated coins to exchange for prizes.


Xiaomi Brand Logo
Xiaomi Brand Logo

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi focuses on developing innovative smart hardware and electronic products, such as smartphones, electric vehicles, internet TVs, and home appliances.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro Display
Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro launched this year has built-in GNSS. It can be independently positioned and tracked without the mobile phone and supports Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS systems. In addition, Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro also supports all-day heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitoring, 5ATM waterproof, and access to the Alexa voice assistant.

Xiaomi is user-centric and aspires to become a mobile Internet company that continues to exceed expectations through software, hardware, and services innovation. Furthermore, it has created a mobile phone operating system using the Internet model development, and Mi Fans participate in the development and improvement of the model.

Adhering to the belief of “Just for fans”, Xiaomi dares to be the first, constantly tries new ideas, and continuously breaks through the limits. The persistence and belief in innovation and the support of Mi Fans continue to promote the development of Mi products.

Starmax (Shenzhen Starmax Technology Co., Ltd.)

Starmax Brand Logo
Starmax Brand Logo

Founded in 2015, Starmax has more than seven years of smartwatch manufacturing experience. They focus on the research and development of smartwatches, sports bracelets, and other sports data monitoring equipment.

Starmax Smart Watch Products Overview 2024
Starmax Smart Watch Products Overview 2024

Starmax has over 100 smartwatch patents, certifications, and independent intellectual property rights, providing sports data management, health monitoring software development, and software and hardware integration solutions.

Their products are exported to over 50 countries, and the self-developed “Runmefit” App serves more than 25 million users worldwide. All their products are produced under the ISO9001 quality management system standard.

Starmax is an enterprise recognized by BSCI’s social responsibility. Guided by the mission of providing users with cost-effective solutions to their everyday needs, Starmax is committed to independent research and development, original creation, and marketing.

It is worth noting that Starmax is also the officially authorized manufacturer of commemorative smartwatches for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. During the 2022 World Cup, tens of thousands of FIFA and tournament staff, volunteers, and partners will wear this commemorative smartwatch.

Recently Starmax launched a new smartwatch model named Starmax GTS7 and GTS7 Pro Smart Watches, featuring a sleek design with a 2.0-inch HD screen, ultra-narrow bezel, various strap options, an infinite control rotary crown, and a Pro-exclusive shortcut button. Powered by the new RunmefitOS 2.0, these watches come equipped with powerful chips and sensors for enhanced performance.

GTS7 Pro Smart Watch 2 Colors Middle Frame
GTS7 Pro Smart Watch 2 Colors Middle Frame

The GTS4 Smart Watch launched in 2022 also attracted a lot of attention. An upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 protocol and custom speakers provide GTS4 Bluetooth calls with better sound clarity and stable connection. Whether it’s a busy working day or an indulging exercise time, it allows users to keep in touch with the outside world anytime.

Starmax GTS4 Display
Starmax GTS4 Smart Watch


boAt Brand Logo
boAt Logo

boAt (Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.) Established in 2013, boAt mainly engaged in TWS earphones, neck-mounted earphones, headsets, smart watches, smart glasses, and other consumer electronics products. It occupies a large proportion of the smart wearable market in India. As a result, it has become a strong competitor of Xiaomi and Huawei.

boAt Xtend Display
boAt Xtend

BoAt Xtend is one of the most popular smartwatches in boAt’s collection, offering a large 1.69-inch screen with an Alexa voice assistant. In addition, this watch provides comprehensive health tracking, with 24/7 heart rate monitoring and SpO2 readings, sleep analytics, and stress evaluation.

As India’s No.1 earwear brand and the 5th largest intelligent wearable brand worldwide, boAt breaks away from the traditional marketing model. Instead, it collaborates with many Bollywood stars and Indian celebrities in music, dance, sports, and more to promote its products and has achieved good results.


DIZO (RealMe Chongqing Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Ltd.) is the first brand of the realme TechLife ecosystem. It is currently partnering with electronics manufacturing services firm Optiemus Electronics Limited to manufacture smartwatches and audio wearables in India.

DZIO unveils the latest addition to their Watch D series – DIZO Watch D Plus, an innovative smartwatch with a crisp 1.85-inch LCD screen and water resistance up to 30 meters. Boasting over 110 sports modes and health monitors, it supports real-time heart rate monitoring, SpO2 measurement, sleep tracking, and menstrual period tracking.


Noise Brand Logo
Noise Brand Logo

Founded in 2014, Noise  (Nexxbase Marketing Pvt. Ltd.) started by selling smartphone cases. Then, after noticing smartphone accessories would be the next big thing in India, they put a lot of effort into launching India’s first truly wireless earbuds – the Noise SHOTS. Then it kept up with technological developments and launched its line of smartwatches.

Noise ColorFit Pulse Go Buzz Smart Watch is the #2 Bestseller in Smart Watches on Amazon India. Equipped with a 1.69″ large screen display and long battery life, it includes all the essential functions you need, such as advanced Bluetooth call, health suite, changeable watch faces, 100 sports mode, etc.

Noise is committed to delivering industry-leading products and breakthrough innovations to the tech-savvy Indian consumer. Aiming to become a household name, Noise strives to provide Indians with an experience they can be proud of through its range of audio, wearable technology, and connected products.

They’ve been listed as a bestselling brand on Amazon and Flipkart for four years. By Q3 2022, it was marked as India’s No.1 smartwatch brand and No.2 brand of TWS earphones across the country. It also ranked as the No.3 smartwatch brand globally.


Fastrack Brand Logo
Fastrack Brand Logo

Fastrack (Titan Co., Ltd.) Launched in 1998, Fastrack became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. Since then, it has carved out a niche with stylish and affordable watches and sunglasses.

Fastrack Reflex Vox Display
Fastrack Reflex Vox

The Fastrack Reflex Vox is the first smartwatch in the Fastrack Reflex series. With Alexa Built-in, it has a 1.69-inch large screen, active stress, sleep monitoring, over 100 watch faces, and many fitness-related functions. It ranks #2 in Activity Trackers on Amazon India.

Fastrack is the foremost youth accessories brand in India. It is sporty and unisex. The brand focuses on its audience, delivering what they want before they know what they want, earning the label ‘Effortlessly Cool’.

Fastrack’s spirit of questioning everything, pushing limits, and constantly innovating is evident in its avant-garde advertising. Fastrack firmly believes that progress is limitless when you are forever young. And this free and easy directly hit the hearts of contemporary young people, and it successfully won the title of the most loved youth fashion brand in India.


Crossbeats Brand Logo
Crossbeats Brand Logo

Founded in 2015, Crossbeats (SellBrite Digital Pvt. Ltd.) is a consumer technology company dedicated to providing intelligent technology products to the new youth in India, enabling people to have a better experience in life. With the mission of “Evolution at every step”, Crossbeats continues to push the boundaries of science, art, engineering, and technology.

The Crossbeats Orbit is one of its best-selling smartwatches. It has a 1.3-inch IPS high-definition screen and supports Bluetooth calls and message notifications. In addition, it has a heart rate tracker, blood pressure monitor, SpO2 level check, female health tracking, and sleep monitor, supporting 24-hour health monitoring.

Every Crossbeats product is designed with “Live, Love, Listen, and Enjoy Infinite Possibilities”. Its smartwatches are no exception, quickly becoming one of the locals’ favorite brands.

Crossbeats actively works with athletes and the tech community to create awareness about how wireless devices can enhance lifestyles. Now, it is trusted by more than 200,000 customers around the world.


Smartwatches are increasingly used to assist you in your daily life, monitor your health, and track your physical activity. The addition of Bluetooth call technology allows users to keep “connected” at any time. The continuous development of intelligent watch technology will push it to penetrate more fields and bring massive digital changes to people’s lives.

Suppose you are looking for a supplier of smart watches or want to know more about the production and design of smart watches. In that case, you can contact our team directly; we are always here to answer your questions.

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