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Classic Watch VS. Smartwatch: Will Smart Watches Replace Classic Watches?

The rise of smartwatches prompts the question of their potential to replace classic watches. This post explores this topic and how classic watch makers are adapting to this changing market.
Smart Watch and Classic Wathe on the Wrist

In a world that’s increasingly driven by technology, the rise of smartwatches has been nothing short of revolutionary. These high-tech wrist gadgets offer a myriad of features that go beyond timekeeping, catering to the needs of tech-savvy individuals.

However, in the face of this digital disruption, classic watch manufacturers and merchants may wonder whether smartwatches pose a threat to the traditional watch industry. In this blog post, we delve into the evolving landscape of timekeeping and explore whether smartwatches will ultimately replace traditional watches.

The Appeal of Classic Watches

Classic watches have a rich history and have long been cherished as timeless pieces of craftsmanship. While classic watches focus on the core function of telling time, their appeal goes beyond keeping time. Their style, craftsmanship, durability, simplicity, inheritance, and value as investments contribute to their continued popularity and appeal.

Stylish Fashion Watch on Woman Hand
Stylish Fashion Watch on Woman’s Hand

Style and craftsmanship: Classic watches are renowned for their elegant and sophisticated designs, offering a wide range of aesthetic options. Luxury traditional watches even feature premium materials like gold and diamonds and embody the skill and artistry of watchmakers, making them highly valuable and collectible.

Durability and reliability: Classic watches, such as mechanical and automatic watches, do not rely on batteries or software updates, making them more durable and reliable compared to smartwatches. With proper care, classic watches can last for decades or even centuries.

Wide cost range and investment potential: Classic watches span a wide cost range, from affordable options to highly expensive luxury timepieces. Luxury watches are often considered investments that can appreciate in value over time, making them potential financial assets.

Despite the enduring allure of traditional watches, it is undeniable that the popularity of smartwatches is on the rise. With their convenience, functionality, and fashion-forward designs, smartwatches cater to the digital lifestyles of younger generations and become formidable competitors to traditional watches.

The Rise of Smart Watches

Running at the Gym with A Starmax Smart Watch
Running at the Gym with A Starmax Smart Watch

Smartwatches seamlessly fuse technology and fashion, providing convenient connectivity and integration with smartphones and smart devices. Popular among tech and fitness enthusiasts, they offer a connected lifestyle with notifications, fitness tracking, and various apps. Their stylish designs cater to individual preferences, making smartwatches a sought-after choice in the modern world.

Multiple functionality: Smartwatches go beyond timekeeping with features like fitness tracking, app integration, voice assistants, GPS, and more. These functionalities enhance convenience and productivity, and even provide valuable health insights. Starmax’s GTS5 smartwatches offer a range of practical features, including 100+ sports modes, MAI health scores, one-tap measurement of 5 health indicators, and more. These features ensure a convenient and intelligent life experience for users.

Starmax GTS5 Smart Watch Display
Starmax GTS5 Smart Watch Display

Connectivity and notifications: Smartwatches keep users connected to the digital world by allowing them to receive notifications, calls, and messages directly on their wrists. Starmax’s smartwatches and fitness trackers are often able to receive notifications from phones. The GTS4, GTS5, and GTS6 models, in particular, support Bluetooth calling and one-key SOS calling.

Modern design: Smartwatches embody a minimalist, tech-savvy design. They feature large screens, customizable digital watch faces, and interchangeable straps, catering to diverse personal styles and adaptable to different occasions. You can explore Starmax’s range of smartwatches with various screen sizes in Starmax’s product list for more details.

Starmax's Bestseller S5 Fitness Band
Starmax’s Bestseller S5 Fitness Band

Prolonged battery life: Smartwatches require regular charging. Depending on the model and usage, a smartwatch can last from a few hours to a few days on a single charge. Starmax’s smartwatches and fitness trackers can normally last for 5 to 10 days.

Price and upsells: Smartwatches typically offer customizable features that can lead to additional purchases, such as watch faces and straps. With generally lower costs and higher profit margins, smartwatches provide opportunities for upselling and maximizing revenue.

Personalized options: Smartwatches offer interchangeable bands, watch faces, and apps, allowing users to match their style, preferences, and mood. This enhances customer engagement, market differentiation, reach, and upselling opportunities. Starmax offers a wide range of customizable options for smart watches, including watch faces, logo engraving, and app development, allowing you to tailor your products to meet your market strategies.

Rapid Innovation: Smartwatches thrive on rapid innovation, and smartwatch makers like Starmax continue to introduce upgraded models to meet evolving consumer preferences, usually resulting in high sales volume.

For more differences between classic watches and smartwatches, you can learn more details on Classic Watch VS. Smartwatch: Which Is More Valuable and Profitable.

Market Trends:

The smartwatches segment in the digital health market is forecasted to steadily grow, adding 19.3 million users (+9.18%) between 2023 and 2027, reaching 229.51 million users by 2027. Statista predicts a significant revenue surge from US$44.91 billion in 2023 to an estimated US$61.69 billion by 2027, with an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 8.26%.

Starmax OEM Service Shown on Starmax Smart Watch
Starmax OEM Service Shown on Starmax Smart Watch

Moreover, Apple dominated the smartwatch market in 2022, accounting for 30% of all shipments and contributing 56% of global revenue, according to Counterpoint Research. This remarkable milestone emphasizes the undeniable appeal and strong demand for smartwatches in recent years. Surpassing the Swiss watch market, Apple Watch sales reached an impressive 53.9 million units, compared to the 15.8 million units exported by Swiss watchmaking during the same year, according to data analyzed by Watch Faces. This remarkable milestone underscores the strong appeal and growing demand for smartwatches in recent years.

While classic watches still hold their allure and appeal to a specific audience, the rise of smartwatches cannot be ignored. The exponential growth of the smartwatch market, as evidenced by market forecasts and sales figures, highlights the increasing preference for these technologically advanced timepieces.

Will Smartwatches Replace Classic Watches?

No. While smartwatches have undoubtedly disrupted the traditional watch industry, it is unlikely that they will completely replace classic watches. Both categories cater to distinct consumer preferences, offering unique experiences and emotional connections. Coexistence and competition between smartwatches and traditional watches will be a more plausible outcome in the market.

Smart Watch and Classic Watch on Kid's Wrist
Smart Watch and Classic Watch on Kid’s Wrist

Coexistence and Differentiation:

Rather than viewing smartwatches as adversaries, traditional watch merchants can explore opportunities for coexistence and differentiation. They can cater to a growing market segment that values both the traditional craftsmanship and technological advancements offered by smartwatches. Incorporating smart features into their designs allows for the creation of hybrid watches that blend the best of both products.

This approach retains the loyal customer base while meeting the evolving preferences of tech-savvy consumers. The future lies in the coexistence of these two industries, where classic watch manufacturers adapt to incorporate smart features while preserving their craftsmanship and heritage. By embracing technology as an opportunity rather than a threat, classic watch merchants can continue to thrive, attracting customers who seek the perfect blend of style, functionality, and tradition.

Technology Creates Opportunity:

Classic watch merchants and manufacturers can enhance their products by embracing the rise of smartwatches and leveraging technology. Collaboration with reputable smartwatch technology companies, like Starmax, is possible to develop smartwatch components or create limited watch editions with smart features while maintaining core values.

By adapting to changing customer demands, exploring new avenues, and combining classic elegance with modern functionality, traditional watch dealers can establish a unique value proposition. Additionally, adopting digital marketing strategies, engaging customers through social media, and establishing an online presence further strengthen their position in the smartwatch market. These strategies enable classic watch sellers to differentiate themselves and provide customers with a compelling offering.


In conclusion, traditional watch merchants have the opportunity to thrive in the smartwatch market by embracing technology, adapting to changing consumer preferences and offering a unique blend of style and functionality. By leveraging their strengths, adopting digital strategies, and preserving craftsmanship, they can differentiate themselves and cater to a diverse customer base. The coexistence of smartwatches and classic watches, combined with an embrace of technology, will allow classic watch merchants to flourish in an ever-evolving market.

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